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Yes! I want to start building a massive opt-in mailing list and make money with JV Giveaways. I understand that I'll be sending a payment of just $7 via PayPal to Andy Huang ( and I will have instant access to this report.

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Option #1: Master Resale Rights - for just $17, you can get master resale rights to Giveaway Secrets including a built-in affiliate program that will allow you to generate traffic and build a customer list through other people efforts.

If you purchase master resale rights, you can sell Giveaway Secrets for any price you like and you can sell the rights to other people.

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Option #2:
Master Branding Rights
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If you purchase master branding rights, you can sell Giveaway Secrets for any price you like and you can sell the rights to other people and you can sell the branding rights to other people for even more profit.

Think about it. If you sell master resale rights to 100 people and they each sell the ebook to only 10 people, that's 1000 who will most likely read and act on the information and purchase the recommended products and services through your affiliate links.

And think about this...What if the 900 people on the second level sold just 10 copies each and so on and so on...You could plant a seed that would continue to grow and spread across the Internet like wildfire. It's called Viral Marketing and I know first hand that it works like gangbusters.

Here are the affiliate products that you'll make money from:

  1. Affiliate Cash Secrets - make up to $105.75 plus $20 every month!
  2. My Free Website Brander - make up to $83.25 per referral
  3. Aweber - make 50% recurring commissions!
  4. Getresponse - make 50% recurring commissions plus 10% 2nd tier!
  5. PDF Printer - make 50% commission
  6. Host Gator - make up to $125 per sale

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